Schöner sterben mit dem „SZ-Magazin“ (2)

Das Online-Magazin „The Local“ hat mit Felix Salmon über seinen Artikel über deutsche Blogs im „SZ-Magazin“ und die Reaktionen darauf gesprochen. Immerhin will er aus der merkwürdigen Art, wie die Zeitschrift seinen Text umdeklarierte, noch nicht auf den Zustand der etablierten deutschen Medien insgesamt schließen. Das ist doch nett.

TL: Were you aware your column was picked up by the Süddeutsche Magazin and that it had kicked up such a stink in the German blog world?

I actually wrote the column at the request of Süddeutsche Magazin (…). But I didn’t get to see the column after it was edited and before it appeared, so I wasn’t aware that they had taken out the references to econoblogs in particular, or the stuff about the language problems.

TL: What does it say about Germany’s old media when they alter your copy to include all German blogs instead of just ones focused on economic issues and that they also failed to mention you’ve moved to Reuters?

That was a little weird, but I’m hesitant to generalise from one instance. I’d already been at Reuters for about three weeks when the initial blog entry appeared on, so I don’t really understand the attribution to Portfolio — where I used to work.