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Flausch am Sonntag (61)

23 Feb 14
23. Februar 2014

[eingesandt von BlueKO]

Flausch am Sonntag (60)

22 Dez 13
22. Dezember 2013

Herdy Shepherd auf theatlantic.com:

Tweeting doesn’t affect the basic economics of what we do (it’s a lousy way to make money), or how cold the rain or snow is, so some folk will never be interested. That’s fine. But tweeting surprised me, because it does sometimes give you heart to know so many other people respect and appreciate what we do. Sometimes it just makes you feel a little less lonely. It gives you a kind of courage to carry on.

Tweeting is kind of an act of resistance and defiance, a way of shouting to the sometimes disinterested world that you’re stubborn, proud, and not giving in as everywhere else is turned into a clone of everywhere else.

Flausch am Sonntag (59)

24 Nov 13
24. November 2013

Flausch am Sonntag (58)

13 Okt 13
13. Oktober 2013

Flausch am Sonntag (57)

22 Sep 13
22. September 2013

Der Hund kommt aber nicht nur in den Bundestag (sogar im Schlaf), sondern auch ins WDR-Fernsehen (mit mir). Heute Nacht, um 0:15 Uhr, bei #waszurwahl, wofür dieser Film entstanden ist: